Burberry Brit Rhythm 50ml Eau de Toilette

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The subtle allure of this floral women's Burberry Brit eau de toilette fragrance creates an aroma that is as individual as you are. Apply to the skin as needed for pleasant coverage. Keep a container handy in your purse or office desk. For decades, Burberry has led the way in grace and elegance with this women's fragrance. Lasting up to three hours, this Eau de Parfum delivers subtle scent that can be reapplied as needed. The elegant container will make a statement on any dresser, vanity, or countertop. Make your choice of scent an easy one. This all-day fragrance is a great addition to any collection and pairs beautifully with most outfits and occasions. The fragrance is dominated by floral notes, which appeal to the inner romantic with an alluring, yet gentle scent evoking fresh blooms.

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