Bioglan Coconut Oil 300G

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Bioglan SuperFoods Organic Coconut Oil consists of approximately 62% MCTs – medium chain triglycerides. MCTs are smaller molecules, that are absorbed and quickly burned for energy. The body uses MCTs to produce energy. They are metabolised in the liver, and are immediately converted into energy. The best oils are cold pressed. Cold pressed oil is obtained through pressing & grinding coconuts at lower temperatures to retain their beautiful aroma, flavour and nutritional value. COOKING Use in place of other oils, butters, fats, as a spread, or for baking & frying, becomes flavourless during cooking. Can be added to salads, dressing & smoothies. GENERAL CONSUMPTION Take 1 tablespoon daily. HAIR & SKIN CARE Use as a body moisturiser, apply directly to skin, use as hair conditioner; place jar in warm water to liquefy the oil then apply 2 teaspoons to hair 1-2 hours before washing.

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