Lynx Aus Collection Deo Gift Pack 2023

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Why choose one when you can have it all with the Lynx Collection Gift Set? This bumper pack contains all his favourite Lynx classics, so he will be smelling fresh for a very loooooonggggggg time - how good! Lynx Africa is the G.O.A.T. fragrance. It has always been our most popular fragrance, and that's for a very good reason... It smells mighty fine. Lynx Africa Body Spray combines an exotic mix of warm African spices and aromas. This classic fragrance is designed to keep you cool no matter where the heat's coming from. Lynx Black is a subtle fragrance that doesn't have to try hard. It makes its presence felt with notes of watermelon, bergamot and frozen pear and is one of our all-time bestsellers. Lynx Black Night Body Spray has an energising fragrance with fresh citrus, mint, cedar and sandalwood undertones to keep you refreshed all day. Lynx Collision Leather + Cookies collides fresh notes with warm notes. The fresh top notes are given by citrus, mint and spices and a subtle new leather scent. These fresh notes are contrasted with the warm notes of vanilla, cookie, maple syrup and creamy musks. Together, these scents result in an unexpectedly sophisticated fragrance that is full of surprises. Lynx Dark Temptation is a subtle, sweet fragrance with a hint of spice. A blend of hot chocolate, amber and red peppercorn. No need to choose, try them all with the Lynx Collection Gift set. Son, brother, husband, dad, uncle, cousin…whoever you’re buying for, there’ll be no fake smiles or eye rolling when he opens this one because he’ll actually like it. And every time he does, he’ll remember the great gift you gave him. Probably. Point is, year after year, the LYNX phenomenon proves that guys always want to smell great. Which is why this LYNX Gift Set is perfect for Father’s Day, Christmas presents, birthdays and any other time when you want to give the gift that’ll help him stay supercharged and super fresh. Oh, and one more thing. We take our packaging seriously, the carton packaging is totally recyclable. After all, staying fresh shouldn’t cost the earth. So, if you’re looking for his best gift since last year, relax. You’ve found it.

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