Oriental Botanicals® Allerge 60 Tabs

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Oriental Botanicals AllergE contains:

  • A blend of herbs called Minor Bupleurum Combination, which is traditionally used to improve the body’s resistance to allergens in TCM, where it’s believed to work by tonifying Lung Qi
  • Baical skullcap, traditionally used to relieve mild allergy symptoms in TCM, and to help manage hayfever and mild eczema and hives
  • Bupleurum, traditionally used to ease mild food intolerance symptoms such as digestive discomfort, nausea, bloating and diarrhoea in TCM
  • Korean ginseng to calm inflamed, hot and itchy skin conditions like mild eczema and hives, based on its traditional use in TCM
  • Chinese licorice, traditionally taken to relieve mild bronchial irritation and respiratory mucus (catarrh) in TCM

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