Paingone Tens Pen


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Paingone Tens Pen is recommended for people suffering from acute and chronic pain.

  • Pain relief at the touch of a button
  • Stimulates endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers
  • Drug-free targeted relief, apply directly on the point of pain
  • Fast – Only 60 seconds to apply
  • No battery needed Always ready to go, whenever you need relief
  • Portable – Fits easily in a bag or pocket, no wires, pads or gels
  • Medical Device Class IIa CE marked


Use almost anywhere on the body: shoulders, knees, back, neck, legs, feet.

The paingone One is for use by adults and intended for the symptomatic temporary relief of acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain (excluding pain resulting from bone fractures). It can be used for temporary relief of pain associated with osteoarthritis.


Paingone Tens Pen is not suitable for use if you use a pacemaker or any other electrical implanted device, during pregnancy, if you suffer from epilepsy, if you have malignant tumour, cancer or suspected cancer in the area being treated, if you have previously suffered from severe skin irritation, itching or severe reddening of the skin, or if you suffer from severe heart rhythm problems or atrial fibrillation.

Please be aware that ingredient lists for the products of our brand are updated regularly. Please refer to the ingredient list on your product package for the most up to date list of ingredients to ensure it is suitable to your personal use.

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