Thin Lizzy Perfectly Primed Pore Minimising Primer

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Create the ultimate silky soft skin perfecting matte base, for a flawless makeup application that lasts all day. Do you have enlarged pores, fine lines, acne scarring or uneven skin texture? Do you have oily or combination skin, where your makeup starts to slide off in patches during the day? The silky-texture lightweight balm instantly minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines, smoothing and evening out skin texture for a soft-focus filter effect so you can feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin with or without makeup! The unique professional formulation makes pores vanish like magic, while fine lines and imperfections are blurred away for an airbrushed look you’ll love. It also colour corrects, obscuring redness and uneven skin tone. Best of all, this is a primer that feels soft and airy light on your skin while providing a ‘matte-nificent’ finish with staying power. For a more natural finish, this primer can be worn alone to blur and perfect the skin while leaving it silky soft and shine-free for an effortless day look.

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