Thin Lizzy Sweet Face Blush Trio


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Creamy Baked Blush that Shimmers and Glows. Does blush scare you? What if there was a blush that brought your face to life with a luminous youthful glow that was virtually mistake-proof? Introducing Thin Lizzy Sweet Face Blush Trio. While traditional blush tends to be flat and one-dimensional, the baked formulation of Thin Lizzy Sweet Face glows with a multidimensional marbled texture. Baked cosmetics are creams that have been baked into solids, for ultimate creamy, velvety texture and richly pigmented colours. The baking process means less filler ingredients are needed, producing a blush of pure, pristine intensity that’s lightweight but long wearing. You get three delicious shades in one longline mirrored palette: Strawberry Cheesecake, Raspberry Ripple, and Peaches & Cream. The soft-focus formulation blends and builds easily, giving you a seamless, luminous finish with no chalky residue or harsh lines. Best of all, Thin Lizzy Sweet Face Blush Trio suits every skin tone, from fair to dark. TO APPLY: Use your favourite blush brush and apply blush to the apple of your cheeks working outwards along the cheekbone, or apply just above the cheekbone for a fresh, natural-looking complexion.

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